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A Marketer’s Guide To NFTs And The Metaverse

Imagine your avatar entering a virtual wine shop and speaking to an avatar wine expert to get some information. You place the wine order and have it delivered to your physical address.

Greetings from the metaverse, the nexus of our physical and digital realities.

Is your model future-proof and ready for the metaverse, net 3.0, and NFTs?

This article will cover some terms you should be familiar with, options for manufacturers in the metaverse, and how to get started.

Along the way, you’ll come across advice, illustrations, and a wealth of resources that can help you create your metaverse marketing plan.


Depending on the source, there are many definitions and viewpoints of the metaverse.

It is described as “a virtual-reality house where customers can collaborate with a computer-generated setting and other customers” by Oxford Dictionaries.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is “a digital reality assembly meant to replace the web, merge digital life with real-life, and create limitless new playgrounds for everyone — you’ll be able to do nearly anything you can of,” he said at Join 2021.


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NFTs A non-fungible token, also known as an intangible digital asset that takes the form of images, videos, or gaming objects, is known as an


These digital possessions include certificates demonstrating ownership and influencing the metaverse’s growth.

NFTs are bought and sold using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Web 3.0

The third generation of the Internet, also known as Web3, or Web 3.0, is a decentralized version that does not rely on Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Because it mixes big data and machine learning and is expected to provide a personalized and private experience, it is seen as the next technological revolution.

In less than 10 years, according to recent predictions, the metaverse industry will reach over $1,544 billion.

This massive change in the digital world resembles the social media revolution of 2007 in appearance and feel.

One drawback of this digital boom spike is how quickly and intensely it is happening.

Welcome to the new reality if it feels like the wild west for marketers.

Get ready for new chances to fully immerse your brand in environments where content producers are in charge, 3D is the standard, and marketing as we know it is changing to become more meta.

According to Lindsey McInerney, former Global Head of Technology & Innovation at Anheuser-Busch InBev, “the similarities between where social media was 17+ years ago and where we are today with the burgeoning metaverse is insane.”

Brands Are Entering The Metaverse In What Ways?

VR and AR seem to be the newest forms of digital advertising.

To enable customers to tour, interact with a space, or interact with 3D products like cars, jewelry, or any digital asset, brands are creating Vstores or virtual showrooms.

Through virtual try-on, customers can access augmented reality, put on glasses or makeup, and see furniture and other items in their homes.

Creative businesspeople transform live performances, art exhibits, and athletic events into digital experiences.

Avatars desire to be in style.

I am selling digital versions of products in virtual reality is emerging as a new source of revenue.

Gucci, Nike, and Dior all provide digital accessories that let users personalize and customize their avatars, including handbags, shoes, hats, and sunglasses. This is because avatars now require a changing wardrobe based on events, seasons, and emotions.

The business model known as “going direct to the avatar” (D2A) is one where brands sell onto digital identities.

In the digital age, there are no supply chains or transportation points for designing, creating, or marketing. With their digital selves, people may learn about their identities.

Brands activated the recreation button. The branding is meta.

Sponsoring events in the physical world has demonstrated a return on investment, and this traditional advertising practice is easily translated to the metaverse.

Gamifying business involves giving rivals more creative freedom.

For instance, Louis Vuitton developed a video game featuring branded NFT trinkets to appeal to young viewers.

What Is A Simple Way To Start Using NFTs?

Create a wallet (like MetaMask or Venly), transfer money from fiat to crypto (Ethereum or Hedera), and purchase an NFT.

The same is true for artists, but you will also have the option to “mint” NFTs on the blockchain. But beware of those annoying gas taxes!

Opportunities of Different Kinds in the Metaverse

Feminists in the Metaverse

Women are underrepresented in metaverse marketing and NFTs, much as the gender gap in technology. Only 5% of the NFT art sales in the past 21 months were from female artists.

According to a LinkedIn Talent Insights analysis, only 18% of the presenters and 30% of the sponsors at a recent NFT conference were women.

However, there are some fantastic female performers there. A social giveaway promotion and a pre-sale sold out in one day were used last week to introduce the Serious and Cool People NFT collection by Mexican-born female artist FerBoccart.

This year, one female artist deciphered the NFT code. World of Women, a non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles phenomenon, was introduced by Yam Karkai in July 2021.

It was a group of 10,000 different, aesthetically appealing, strong, and diversified Women NFTs valued at more than $51 million.
Reese Witherspoon and Gary Vaynerchuk helped place women on the NFT map with the help of World of Women, which opened doors for other female artists to develop and flourish in the metaverse.

“It’s crucial that women and various voices participate in shaping the Internet’s future. Because community and authenticity are monarchs in the web 3.0 age, corporations will need to invest more in engaging with new creators, according to Cathy Hackl, Chief Metaverse Officer and CEO of the Futures Intelligence Group. This metaverse consultancy works with companies like Clinique.

“Brands must collaborate across platforms with indigenous and varied producers in 2022. They will be successful if marketers are aware that the ad-driven business models of the web 2.0 era might not function in the metaverse. The future holds changes! Added she

Authors, Activities, Seminars, and Masterminds

Not just artists use NFTs. Authors, course designers, instructors, and even event organizers may use NFTs to their advantage and monetize digital assets.

For instance, writers can utilize NFTs to produce limited edition books with value-added extras and a secondary market resale value.

“Brands may provide exclusive incentives and material-tailored experiences through platforms like According to Jesse Krieger, Chief Content Officer of, NFTs might grant you access to live events, masterminds, or groups.

“You may have nearly any current offer that involves selling a book or a course. Selling a genius, observe and carry out it using NFT. Your consumers and clients now have something that has the possibility for price appreciation built into it, and you have the blockchain record.

Entrepreneur, a strategist for business, and creator of JVology 2013 saw Jay Fiset begin to invest in Bitcoin. He saw the potential of NFTs and how they affect all organizations as an early adopter.

Fiset is now committed to teaching the community of entrepreneurs how to use NFTs to stand out and remain ahead of the rapidly evolving technological curve.

The procedure of purchasing and selling NFTs connected to events, courses, and other unique material should be explained to entrepreneur members.


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