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What Is the Difference Between Coins and Tokens?

The difference between coins and tokens is one blockchain-related topic that frequently raises questions.

What differentiates a coin from a token? The phrases frequently appear to be used interchangeably, which may be a big cause of misunderstanding for people who are unfamiliar with the field. We’ll examine the distinctions and what they mean for common users of this technology in this post.

Describe Token.

Any digital asset produced on the blockchain is referred to as a token. It is often created or released on a distinct blockchain, frequently coexisting with a number of other tokens from other projects.

By writing a lot of computer code or even by utilising automated techniques, anyone may quickly produce a crypto token.

What purposes do tokens serve?

Compared to coins, tokens have a far greater variety of potential uses. Numerous items, such prepaid credit for an API, a work of art, or a diploma, can be represented by tokens.

Tokens are not money, unlike coins, and they are not a crucial component of the blockchain security model (they are not used to compensate miners). Blockchains like Ethereum have their own currency in addition to tokens for this reason.

Describe Coin.

A cryptocurrency that uses its blockchain is called a coin. It is often referred to as the blockchain’s “native token” and frequently used as a means for projects to cover transaction costs while they develop their apps on the same network.

Not everyone can establish a currency since setting up a blockchain involves substantial human and financial resources (millions of pounds). But anybody may establish a cryptocurrency token and give it whatever name they choose (LOL).

What purposes do coins serve?

These coins serve exclusively as a means of storing or exchanging money; they have no further functions. All you can really do with them is mine them, keep them in your wallet, and use them to purchase and sell items.

The distinctions between tokens and coins

There are some fundamental yet important distinctions between coins and tokens;

  1. Structure: Coins are genuine currencies that can be traded and utilised for trading. They are digital financial assets. Tokens are also digital financial assets, but they serve as a representation of genuine financial assets rather than representing the actual financial assets themselves, like coins do.
  2. Infrastructure: Each currency is unique from all others since it has its own separate blockchain. Although it is not possible to say the same about tokens, they are created on and added to the same blockchain.
  3. Creation: The majority of currencies utilise the fundamental structure of a bitcoin along with some additional code and modifications to the framework to bring new and distinct features in order to set themselves apart from bitcoin or any other currency whose structure has been borrowed. The programming and coding were created entirely from scratch. Such a creation aims to enhance current technology and increase its effectiveness. All tokens employ the identical codes to enter a blockchain, even if no programming changes or new coding are needed to create a token.
  4. Ease and Difficulty of Creation: Since creating cryptocurrency coins requires starting from scratch with programming and coding, it is more difficult to create coins than it is to create tokens, which employ the same set of codes and programming.
  5. Operating System: Coins have been programmed to have an autonomous existence by nature. Coins can be used as a medium of exchange, a unit of measurement for digital financial assets, and for trade. On the other hand, tokens are only representations of assets and cannot exist independently. They are also not actual financial assets. They are built on top of different platforms.

What are the differences between the uses of coins and tokens?

The primary distinctions in this situation are the cryptographic currencies and use-cases.

Tokens may be used in finance as a medium of trade, just like currencies. On the platforms they are developed for, they can also be created for a variety of other purposes, such as:

  • Digital assets include games, music, and artwork.
  • Governance mechanisms: Voting rights for protocol updates and other decisions are available to holders.
  • Physical assets include real estate documents and tangible goods like paintings.
  • Accessing blockchain-based digital applications and services (Dapps)
  • Digital user identifiers, which allow for the use of tokens’ distinctive cryptographic codes to confirm eligibility for age-restricted, health, and government services
  • Tokens’ main objective is to promote participation in the community of a blockchain network.

Coins, on the other hand, have a variety of financial applications, such as:

  • Offering alternatives to traditional banking through decentralised transactions that facilitate currency transfer without the requirement for a centralised ledger, a store of value
  • Exchanging money for digital credits that may be used for online purchases is known as “digital currency.”
  • Real-time international transfers are made simpler since they do not require centralised counterparty permission or clearance
  • So, while coins and tokens are similar in certain ways, there are several key ways in which they diverge.

Common cryptocurrency tokens and coins

Let’s look at some actual instances now that we’ve covered the similarities and distinctions between coins and tokens. The 10 largest coins and 10 largest tokens by market capitalization are included in the tables below as of the publication of this article.


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