How to Use WhatsApp Beta in 2023

In today’s article you will read how you can download WhatsApp beta in your mobile phone. And what are its benefits.

The number of WhatsApp users is about to cross six billion worldwide. This application has become the most popular in the world for messaging. People love to use this application because this application is very familiar with people.

Important Features of WhatsApp

Often new features are added in this application such as many features have been added this time as well. This is the reason why people stay connected with this application. Because they get something new every time  from this application.

User Friendly

This application is very easy to use this application is made so easy that even a child can use it easily. When this application was launched, it only had messaging technology. But now you can send a video in it. You can send a voice message. But you can also send a video message.

Better Security

This is the main reason why this application has been used forever and will continue to do so. That this application takes security very seriously. This application is very difficult to hack it has so much security that no one can open these others WhatsApp. The security features of this application are very strong. And that is why people are crazy about this application.

WhatsApp Calling

The feature that was added in WhatsApp was the best feature of WhatsApp call. Because people can make free calling with it. And the best part is that the call quality is amazing. And the best part is that this call is absolutely free.

A lot of similar features are added in this application due to which people stick with it and love to use it.

What is WhatsApp Beta version?

Beta version is a version of WhatsApp that already uses the upcoming updates. Whenever WhatsApp wants to introduce a new feature. It first adds its feature to beta WhatsApp. So that people can use it here and understand it.

This has the advantage that people who are using the beta version. Already have the feature so they can use it and give a review on it. After that, as per their review. Necessary changes are made in the version of the application.

Why users should use Beta version of WhatsApp?

Thus it is very helpful to use the new features well. The beta version of WhatsApp not only benefits WhatsApp. But also the users get a lot of benefits.

Users get the benefit of features that are yet to be introduced in the market. That features can be used here on WhatsApp. Like last days a new feature was added that you can convert WhatsApp call to WhatsApp broadcast call.

So this feature was first added in WhatsApp beta which people used it and got a lot of reviews on it. And due to the great response from people, this feature was added to the actual WhatsApp.

How to join WhatsApp Beta?

WhatsApp Beta is very easy to use. But don’t need to do anything big to use it. You have to follow some basic steps after which WhatsApp beta will be installed in your mobile.

Below are the steps to follow to install WhatsApp beta:

  • First of all, open the home screen of your mobile phone
  • After that you have to open playstore in your mobile.
  • Now you have to search WhatsApp beta in play store.
  • Now the WhatsApp beta application will appear in front of you. You simply have to click on install on this application.
  • Now this application will be installed in your mobile and you simply have to login to it.
  • Now you can use this application


So in this article you have read what is WhatsApp Beta. And what steps you have to follow to install WhatsApp Beta. I hope that by reading the entire article till the end. You will have understood what is WhatsApp and which new features are added in WhatsApp. And how you can discover the features of WhatsApp in advance.

Thank you very much for reading this article till the end. You will get such great articles on this website. You just have to visit this website repeatedly.

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