YouTube Earning and YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube is a video sharing platform on which people make videos of their choice and upload them, then people watch and enjoy the video.

This was a basic definition of YouTube, but if we talk about YouTube in detail, we can talk a lot more about it and it has a lot more features that we can discuss.

In this article I am going to tell you about YouTube Earning. What are the features of YouTube. and how they can be used and the most important thing is that we can earn online with the help of YouTube.

I will tell you the details about how we can earn by working on YouTube and how much we can earn. Read the article till the end.

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Does YouTube pay?

Most of the people have this question, does YouTube pay, then the answer is yes, YouTube pays you on the basis of the ads placed on your videos, the more views you get, the more ads are shown to the viewers. On the basis of which you get earning.
Most of the big YouTube creators run their YouTube as main source of income and earn a lot of money from YouTube.

How can a beginner earn from YouTube?

It’s very easy from youtube it’s not rocket science with very easy you follow few steps start earning from youtube.
To start earning on YouTube you have to follow some basic steps that I will tell you below, then after following them you will be able to earn millions of dollars.

  • First of all you have to login to YouTube and create a channel which is very easy to do
  • After that you have to create good and unique content in the form of videos.
  • The content uploaded on YouTube can be both short video and long video.
  • Have to upload regular content and keep following this routine
  • After updating regular videos your channel should have subscribers and watch time of 4000 hours.
  • Now you simply have to monetize your channel with Google AdSense.
  • Now you will start earning very easily.

What can be difficult?

If there’s one thing that can be difficult to earn online on YouTube. It’s uploading regular content. This thing is very challenging but you have to work hard on it and upload content regularly.
Most people create a channel and start uploading videos but their channel freezes due to not uploading regular content. This causes the views to stop and the earning and subscribers to stop.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

It is not advisable to stay solely on Adsense to do otherwise on YouTube. There are many other sources of earning from YouTube which can be mentioned to you but for now I am talking about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically a type of marketing that any company does to sell its products. Often companies and stores do not have many customers. So they start a market where people who can sell any product due to its face value join the company’s affiliate program.

And by selling their products, they get a special commission on it as a profit. Through which people are earning a lot and YouTube is also a second source of income.


You can create your own channel on YouTube very easily and it has so many features that you will enjoy YouTube a lot and be entertained. Earning on YouTube is very easy, you can easily earn millions of dollars from here, people can also earn you.

There are some simple steps to earn on YouTube which are mentioned above and you can earn very easily by following them.

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