6 Digital Marketing Strategies and Examples

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a blueprint for achieving your company’s marketing objectives through online channels such as search and social media. Most strategy plans will include the internet channels and digital marketing methods you’ll employ, as well as how much you’ll spend on each.

What are some examples of digital marketing strategies?

A social media campaign with influencer alliances, a content marketing strategy that uses online guides to drive leads, or a growth marketing plan that leverages social media and email to promote customer loyalty are all examples of digital marketing techniques.

Why have a digital marketing strategy?

It is vital to develop a digital marketing plan. If you work with a full-service digital marketing agency like WebFX, you can rest assured that one of our first tasks will be to develop a sensible and competitive plan for your business.

Your company lacks a road map for accomplishing its goals, objectives, and important results if you don’t use Internet marketing methods. You know what you want to achieve, but you’re not sure how to get there. This frequently results in the initiation of a digital marketing campaign that yields no results.

You must invest in a digital marketing plan if you wish to invest in digital marketing.

How to create a digital marketing strategy

Do you want to learn how to develop a digital marketing strategy?

Follow these eight steps to get started:

Create a brand identity: Define your brand and how it will appear in your online advertising by outlining or using your brand standards. Consider your brand’s unique selling propositions (USPs), voice, and value proposition.

Develop buyer personas: With bespoke buyer personas, you can figure out who your company wants to contact. Consider the demographics of your target audience, as well as the factors that lead them to choose your organization, products, and services.
Make a list of S.M.A.R.T. goals: To guide your plan, set specified, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals (also known as S.M.A.R.T. goals). Consider your company’s short- and long-term growth objectives.

Make a decision on your digital marketing strategies: Choose the finest strategy for your company. Instead of focusing on trending strategies, concentrate on the techniques that will add the most value to your company and sector.
Set a budget for digital marketing: To create a reasonable budget for your company, research digital marketing pricing. Most firms spend between $2500 and $12,000 each month on web marketing.

Plan out your approach: By planning your approach, you can ensure that it succeeds. Determine your ad expenditure if you’re advertising. Create a content calendar if you’re going to be publishing content.
Begin your campaigns by: Launch your campaigns across channels after you’ve completed your planning. Ensure that all of your channels have the necessary tracking information. Your Google Analytics tracking code, for example, should be visible on your website.

Keep track of your progress: By tracking the performance of your tactics, you can monitor and measure their effectiveness. To maintain track of your initiatives and their return on investment, use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads (ROI).
Your organization can establish its first online marketing plan using these eight stages. Consider using internet marketing services, such as those provided by WebFX, if you need assistance establishing your online marketing plan (or want to create the finest one possible).

6  Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies are divided into various categories. The action plan is always determined by the type of product and the intended audience.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is a useful tool for promoting a product or service on social media. The following are the most popular platforms for advertising campaigns:

Facebook \sInstagram
You should specialize on B2B and LinkedIn services if you want to promote your product effectively on social media.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Customer information is gathered through social media. Then, based on their preferences, advertising offers are created. Facebook and Twitter are fantastic for native text ads, whereas Instagram emphasizes graphics.

Video Content

Videos can be a very effective way to influence your audience.

These are the different types of videos that are utilized to fulfill digital marketing objectives:

Educational. Demonstrate to the customer how your product can be beneficial to them. Create a mini-course or a tip-filled blog.
Interview. A strong reason for someone contemplating purchasing your goods is an expert endorsement.
Reviews. The buyer has the idea that they are conversing with a real person. As a result, there is faith in you as a seller.
Event videos are available. Seminars, meetings, and parties can all produce these. Make it appear as if you’re in the audience.
Demonstrations. These films are required for the buyer to gain a better understanding of the product.

Google Ads

Paid advertising at the top of Google search seem almost identical to regular ads, with the exception of one detail: all of them include a “Ad” particle. These results are presented at the top of the search page based on the auction. Many consumers simply click the first link, assuming it is not an advertisement.

This strategy is effective for businesses who want to fast increase traffic to their website. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though. There are other requests that are extremely costly – up to $100 per click – and may not be profitable in some situations. As a result, before deciding on a channel, you must assess the ROI. It’s possible that the chosen traffic channel isn’t efficient enough to justify its use.

Email Marketing

The most widely used and effective digital marketing strategy. Of course, this is only true if you have your own email database that you have collected. Purchasing email addresses from unknown sources runs the risk of generating spam and causing negative user reactions to your business.

If you need to discover your audience’s interests, make a relevant ad offer, and build up your email list, this strategy is ideal.

To send emails, you must first build a list of contacts. These are the folks who will read your email instead of putting it in the spam folder. Customer loyalty is increased by sending greeting cards and thank you letters, which also inform them about current incentives.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts the amount of potential clients to your website.

The closer your site is to the top three results, the more organic traffic you’ll get from Google. Before forming the rating, Google assesses your website using algorithms to see how well it fits user demands. As a result, you should begin by researching the keywords that potential purchasers in this niche are searching for.

A thorough examination of your website’s pages should be based on:

The use of keywords is being investigated.
Identifying the extent to which a service or category of goods fits the needs of the target audience.
All SEO problems that prohibit Google from indexing the site will be fixed.
Putting together a backlinking strategy.
SEO optimization done correctly assists to generate high-quality traffic to the site.

Marketing Analytics

His method aids in the analysis of a project’s current stage and the determination of a development strategy. To track user behavior on a website page, marketers need marketing analytics. The main downside of this strategy is the vast volume of data that must be processed on a continuous basis. Plerdy makes it simple to analyze an ad campaign and provide hypotheses to improve usability.

In addition, marketing analytics are required to:

Measure and evaluate brand capabilities objectively.
Online and offline attribution measures are compared.
Drill down to the human level of information.
Put customer and market data into context.
Don’t limit yourself to just one or two sorts of marketing in your approach; mix it up.

What is the Difference Between Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Tactics?

What’s the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing tactic? Let’s take it one step at a time.

The steps you must take to achieve your objectives are outlined in your marketing plan. How to Create a Marketing Strategy:

First, figure out what sets you apart from the competition.
Second, make that a point of emphasis in your promotion campaign plans.
Finally, add up the costs of financing, human resources, and timelines.

This will define how profitable your marketing campaign is and how much profit you may expect. It’s important to make both positive and negative forecasts about the outcome. Create a plan of action in the event of a failed ad campaign. Examine your competitors’ websites and identify any flaws. Remember: your opponents’ shortcomings are your advantages. Determine how you will reach your ultimate goal once you have set it.

Marketing techniques are a set of methods for putting a marketing plan into action. You must create a distinct plan for each site. The following are the most common marketing steps:

Development of a website or an online business.
Analyze market potential using user queries as a guide.
Improvements to the site and the testing of new targeted traffic channels.
Competitor analysis and advertising efforts from the site’s perspective.
Similarweb.com, ahrefs.com, and semrush.com are all excellent resources for this.
Launch your first Google Ads campaign and compare the micro and macro versions’ outcomes.
On-page site optimization is followed by off-page planning in 1-2 months.
Conduct a continuous analysis of user behavior based on click maps and video sessions, and investigate the influence of site features on sales using Plerdy.

Use all of your digital marketing strategies and methods at the same time to achieve your business objectives.

Digital Marketing Strategies Examples and Case Studies


Airbnb is a global online marketplace where you may post classified ads and discover short-term home rentals. When it came to marketing, the corporation took a complete approach. To begin, the site offered advise on how to present their property in the best possible light.

Airbnb has established neighborhood guides to assist users in focusing on the addresses they are looking for. Clients were able to see sites, cafes, and rest areas as a result.

The following are some of the reasons why this ad campaign was successful:

This offer is take

n as guidance by the users.
There is no compulsive sense produced.
A large selection – the client selects what is best for them.
This campaign’s major strengths are trust and a variety of options. Airbnb employs digital marketing techniques to assist vendors in better communicating their products. In this situation, the customer decides whether or not the proposed product is appealing. The advertisement makes a suggestion but does not impose it.


BuzzFeed is a media organization that has grown enormously in popularity among users because to its advertising.

The simple line is that when a person registers, they declare their interests, and a mailing list with promotional offers is formed based on that information. For example, if you want pizza, get an email list of great and affordable eateries and cafes.

Why do people like this marketing campaign?

Personalization. Each person has the impression that these offerings have been hand-picked just for them.
Need. Because people are interested in saving money, these messages are read rather than discarded.
Simple approaches like these usually enhance customer loyalty. BuzzFeed is an example of a well-thought-out strategy that prioritizes user interests. In addition, the company later decided to adopt more advanced digital marketing strategies, which proved to be as effective.


Lay’s is a potato chip manufacturer. It is a subsidiary of the PepsiCo corporation.

The distinctive #SmileDekeDekho ad campaign was all about a simple grin. To promote the company, 350 prominent and well-known people from around the world were chosen. They became the face of the advertising campaign and brand ambassadors.

Why did this marketing plan work?

On social media, there is a flash mob. Users on Snapchat and Instagram took images with a bag of chips, attracting new buyers.
After the purchase, I was in a good mood. For customers, a bag of chips was connected with a smile and a good mood.
What actually unifies individuals all throughout the world is active, meaningful action. There are a variety of digital marketing tactics, but the one that has the audience yelling about the product is the most effective.


The company organized a flash mob called “I…” in which participants may try on any character and photograph it. With examples of childhood nostalgia, this commercial worked extremely well. Remember how we used to play in the toilet with bubbles or pretended to be sharks? Thousands of customers remembered how much fun they had – and joyfully snapped amusing images as adults.

Why is this marketing campaign effective:

Positive life events are associated with the brand.
Participation in a large-scale, intriguing project.
Please note that, like in the prior case, this project included good activity. This is the best digital marketing technique you can use.


The most popular operating system on the planet is Android. It does, however, necessitate ongoing promotion and advertising. The Friends Furever animal video commercial campaign, for example, was a hit on the internet.

Why is this marketing tactic appealing?

This does not provide the sense that it is an advertisement to the users.
Customers associate the company with a nice video experience.
Fact: Users enjoy sharing videos that make them feel good. This isn’t the same as direct marketing. Instead, it wonderfully exemplifies the spirit of digital marketing: leveraging digital technologies to engage the consumer and build good associations with the product.


The key to successful promotion is a well-crafted digital marketing strategy. Concentrate on the outcome you desire and create a clear strategy that you can execute step by step. To expand your audience, use a variety of marketing strategies and look for innovative solutions. Customers buy most of the time not because they have to, but because of good advertising. When it comes to product advertising, product presentation is crucial. Stand out from the crowd and show how valuable you are to your customers. Profits are guaranteed to rise with a savvy digital marketing approach.