Best Technical Analysis Courses in 2022

You can improve your technical analysis abilities by taking technical analysis classes online.

For beginners to seasoned traders, there are a range of online courses available that allow you to learn at your own pace. In the second half of this essay, we’ll go through some of the greatest technical analysis courses.

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysts use variables including past price movement, current market conditions, and expected market changes to arrive at trading judgments.

In markets all across the world, you can trade stocks, options, currency, cryptocurrencies, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and bonds.

Rather than focusing at larger patterns, this type of research digs deep into a company’s financial data to properly appreciate its profit and development possibilities.

Learning technical analysis techniques is an excellent way to receive the most up-to-date market data and decide how and when to trade next.

How much does a Technical Analysis Course Cost?

You can take a technical analysis course for free if you don’t want to pay any money. A few of the courses in our roundup provide introductory courses for free.

Consider whether a free course will equip you with sufficient information to move from the classroom to the real world.

You may always begin by taking a free course and then practicing on a demo trading platform.

Some of the more expensive courses include not just expert instruction but also access to trading tools and information that can help you improve your trading skills.

Who Should take a Technical Analysis Course?

Complete beginners will profit the most from a course, but intermediate and advanced traders will benefit as well, especially if they have access to a community of like-minded traders.

Best Technical Analysis Courses in 2022

Udemy is the best overall option.
Beginners’ Choice: Travis Rose is a musician from the United States.
Bullish Bears are the best for learning while trading.
StockCharts is the best option for charting services.
Best for a Wide Range of Services: Chart Guys
Charting School is the best place to learn from one of the greats.


For a modest price of $17.99, Udemy’s Technical Analysis Masterclass covers everything novice and intermediate traders need to know, making it our pick for the finest overall technical analysis course.


Provider of educational courses of the highest caliber in the world
For less than $40, you can get beginner to intermediate coaching.
Successful traders teach courses.
Cons: No access to materials for the rest of your life

There is no way to put it into practice.

Udemy has become the go-to source for anything connected to investment as the world’s largest online learning marketplace. Technical Analysis Masterclass is a popular Udemy course that includes on-demand video, downloadable tools, practice quizzes, and lifetime access. Udemy’s Technical Analysis Masterclass, led by Certified Technical Analyst Jyoti Bansal, makes our ranking as the top overall technical analysis course.

Jyoti Bansal is one of the many world-class educators who have joined Udemy’s education platform. She is a double-Certified Technical Analyst with extensive experience in the field. Jyoti definitely delivers in class, as shown by the more than 55,000 students who have taken her lesson and over 11,000 favorable evaluations.

You’ll also have access to seven articles, eight downloadable materials, two practice tests, and four assignments with in-depth explanations, in addition to the seven on-demand video classes. You also get lifetime access to all materials, including updated content, for the low price of $17.99. Students receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the course. For an additional $17.99, you can add the Technical Analysis Masterclass part two to the initial course. Part two teaches you how to make the most of your information in order to become a more effective trader.

The Technical Analysis Masterclass receives a 9.8 out of 10 rating from CourseMarks, which helps students identify the top classes based on student feedback, content freshness, and diversity.


Travis Rose’s Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle is a comprehensive course that can take you from complete newbie to trading in a matter of weeks. As a result, we consider it to be the greatest technical analysis training for beginners.


Designed with novices in mind.
A comprehensive course is provided.
Access to resources for the rest of your life
Cons: Highest rating

There will be no coaching or mentoring.

The Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle is for new traders who wish to learn how to properly analyze candlestick charts in a step-by-step procedure. Travis Rose, a full-time day trader and investor with over five years of consistent success, has laid out an exhaustive course to help novice traders avoid the same mistakes and pain points he did when he first started out, earning it our pick for the finest technical analysis school for beginners.

The five-course bundle includes 136 lessons, 40 lectures, on-demand videos, 14 multiple-choice quizzes, a free stock trading ebook with bonus in-depth trading strategies, tips, and valuable market resources, and a free stock trading ebook with bonus in-depth trading strategies, tips, and valuable market resources. It also contains live market samples so you can see how trades are executed.

You get lifetime access to the course content for $1,000, which is updated on a regular basis. Although there is no coaching, mentoring, or chat rooms for interactive learning, this thorough, self-paced course can help you get more out of a premium trading program.

On the Store, Travis Rose’s courses have received an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


The Bullish Bears is an excellent alternative for new traders who want to be a part of the action while studying technical analysis. It offers ten free courses and an ebook, as well as free, seven-day access to its trading room and other useful trading tools, earning it our recommendation for the finest technical analysis course for learning while practicing.


Beginner’s course and ebook are both free.
Free 7-day trial membership with full access
Access to comprehensive training resources at a low cost
Chat rooms are available at all times of the day and night.
Cons: Live-stream screen sharing and other tools for gaining a better grasp of trade action

There aren’t many online reviews.
Bullish Bears offers a free ebook and technical analysis classes, as well as a 7-day free membership trial with full access to its trading room and other essential learning tools, for those who prefer experiential learning (learning by doing). As a result, we recommend Bullish Bears as the finest technical analysis course for learning while practicing.

Bullish Bears has built a reputation as a stock trading service that “pays it forward,” owing to its aim to assist anyone who wants to learn how to trade successfully. To that aim, it has managed to pack its membership with all of the tools, resources, and training that a trader could possibly require for just $49 per month.

Bullish Bears has added ten free technical analysis courses and an ebook to its extensive learning toolkit, recognizing that effective trading begins with sound technical analysis. While it is not essential, you may want to sign up for their free seven-day trial to learn with other traders. You’ll be exposed to traders that use technical analysis to build up trades, and you’ll be able to hear their commentary as the transactions progress. It can at best enhance your learning and, at worst, it can be quite motivating.

After the trial period, you can pay $49 per month or $249 per year to keep full access to further courses, the trading room, and important trading tools.


StockCharts is a leading provider of charting services with a large library of articles, tips, and resources for learning how to read and analyze them, making it our top pick for the best technical analysis school for charting.


Access to a large learning library is provided for free.
Free charting services are included.
A large number of charts are available.
Cons: Low-cost monthly membership

The number of people who can use the free charting service is limited.
The data in a free chart is not dynamic.

For beginner traders, learning technical analysis through a charting tool can be intimidating. You could have the best charts and analysis tools in the world, but they’re useless if you can’t read and analyze them. StockCharts is a popular charting service that also has a Charting School with a variety of free articles, tips, and resources to help traders of all levels advance their experience. StockCharts was chosen as the top technical analysis course for charting services because of this.

For traders trying to gain an edge in technical analysis, a decent charting service can be beneficial. StockCharts has a wide range of chart formats and analysis tools to choose from. Technical analysis and charts become more valuable the more you understand them. StockCharts’ Charting School is a great place for new traders to learn by doing.

Chart Analysis, Technical Indicators & Overlays, and Market Analysis are just a few of the topics covered in The Charting School’s enormous library of dozens of articles grouped as course chapters. Learn how to use various charting tools and resources, such as StockCharts’ award-winning financial charting tool and its full-screen, interactive Advanced Charting Platform, in another area. After that, you’ll learn how to use the different chart analysis tools offered on StockCharts.

The Charting School’s charting service, which you may use to begin examining charts, is also free. The free service, on the other hand, delays data and restricts access to additional features like the scanner, intraday charts, and alerts. If you aren’t an intraday trader, though, that may be plenty.

Basic ($14.95), Extra ($24.95), and Pro ($39.95) are the three levels of paid monthly service offered by StockCharts, with variable data rates. The faster the data is refreshed, the higher the degree of service. A one-month free trial is available for each level.


You can start for free with the Chart Guys’ outstanding beginner’s course, but once you enroll as a member, the instructional resources truly start to flow, which is why we chose the Chart Guys as the finest technical analysis course for a comprehensive offering.


A complete beginner’s course is available.
Trading community with a large number of members
Learning atmosphere that is encouraging
For a $99 membership, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

There is no trading room.

The beginner’s course is one of the best free course offerings, with seven modules and 40 lessons of on-demand video content. The true learning, on the other hand, starts with a premium membership ($99 per month or $899 per year). It has the most complete teaching tools of any course we’ve seen, making it our pick for the best technical analysis training.

The Chart Guys was founded in 2015 as a technical analysis teaching resource, but its strength is its community of thousands of traders who actively contribute their views and support to one another. Mentoring, group-based learning, and peer-led study groups are all important components of the educational process.

Courses, reference materials, and educational videos are available in its educational library. Regular live webinars, beginner-friendly conference calls, daily live market coverage, real-time Q&A with the community of professional traders, and individual consultation sessions make up the interactive component. All of this takes place in the framework of a trading community that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When your money is on the line, learning from a master may be invaluable, and JC Parets, the course designer and instructor, is one of the world’s most well-known technical analyzers. As a result, we recommend the Charting School as the greatest technical analysis course for studying from one of the best.


A world-renowned technical analyst designed and instructed the course.
An in-depth look at some of the most important technical analysis issues
Cons: Reasonable price for an expert-led course

This course is aimed mostly at beginners.
There is no community for coaching, mentoring, or trading.

You might as well learn from the best if you’re going to learn something as complicated as technical analysis. JC Parets is the originator of All-Star Charts and a world-renowned technical analyst. JC may be familiar to you from one of his numerous appearances on major financial media sites. One of his abilities, fortunately for his numerous students, is distilling complicated subjects into terms that everybody can grasp.

For $495, the Charting School provides a seven-course beginner’s program. The course mixes studio-quality videos with lesson tests to help you remember what you’ve learned. Each session delves into key technical analysis principles such trend recognition, momentum and relative strength, risk management, and practical application of technical analysis. The goal of the course is for students to leave with the information and abilities necessary to routinely initiate lucrative transactions.

For beginners, the best way to use JC Paret’s Charting School course is as a supplement to another beginner’s course to get useful information while reinforcing what you’ve already learned.

Final Verdict

While learning technical analysis from a book is doable, taking a course is the most effective approach to learn what you need to know. A good course will cover much of the same material as a book, but it will also contain visual learning and expert guidance to provide additional insights, context, and real-world examples of the topics. For the majority of individuals, this is a better use of their time or money. All of the courses in our collection match those requirements, but the rewards vary depending on the individual’s level of experience, learning style, and price.

If you’re new to technical analysis, for example, Travis Rose’s Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle is the best place to start. His main goal is to pass on his knowledge so that you don’t make the same mistakes he did when he first started out.

If you’d rather put your knowledge to use while learning, the Bearish Bulls is a terrific way to join a trading community that welcomes newcomers.

It is vital to have access to top-tier charts and analytic tools in order to apply your knowledge. StockCharts is one of the greatest charting services, with a unique Charting School that attracts traders.

Chart Guys is a veritable soup-to-nuts source of everything you need to move all the way up the learning curve, thanks to its vast supply of educational tools.

You can’t go wrong learning from one of the greats in any difficult undertaking. That is exactly what the Charting School has to offer. JC Parets, a world-renowned technical analyst, designed and delivered the course.

Finally, Udemy’s Technical Analysis Masterclass—our vote for the finest overall technical analysis course—can’t be beat for low-cost, in-depth, expert training.

How We Chose the Best Technical Analysis Courses

Many trading schools include technical analysis classes in their curriculum, and some of them are excellent. Because technical analysis is a specialized aspect of the trading process, we choose to target trading courses that focus on it. We found more than 20 online technical analysis courses in the United States during our initial search. Using factors like track record, instructor experience, course structure, learning materials, mentor or community assistance, price, and other value-added features, we whittled the list down to a dozen. The best technical analysis courses in six categories were then compared.