Dedicated Hosting & Virtual Servers

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The Managed Servers from Interoute come in two configurations: Dedicated and Virtua.

Dedicated Servers

Interoute’s Dedicated Hosting Services give mission-critical applications the reliability and performance they need, and are ideal for companies that need to employ dedicated devices due to laws and compliance. These servers are built using industry-standard technology, but Interoute may also provide customised hardware if needed.

Virtual Servers

Interoute offers a number of managed virtualization options that can be used in a shared or private resource architecture, or a combination of both. Our virtual server hosting services include the following:

Managed Virtual Servers are created by allocating resources from a shared infrastructure of processors, memory, and storage located “in the cloud.” Customers can often provision virtual servers, firewalls, and storage from one of Interoute’s pan-European virtual hosting platforms, making this a very cost-effective hosting option. All virtual devices are set up for high availability, which means that in the event of a hardware loss, the service will automatically restart on another device, resulting in near-zero downtime for any application.

Managed Private Cloud – Interoute can provide a Managed Private Cloud for solutions that require a specialized VMware infrastructure for added security and reliability. This service gives services the most technical freedom and performance. Interoute offers a dedicated cluster of virtual server hosts as well as enterprise storage that can scale up and down as needed. Virtual machines can be launched in any configuration on this cluster, subject to the infrastructure and software limits.

Dedicated Hosting & Virtual Servers in One Package – Our dedicated servers and virtual servers allow you to combine managed dedicated and virtual services into a single solution, allowing you to take use of the best of both infrastructures. This allows organizations to benefit from virtualisation technology benefits like lower CAPEX, easier upgrades and expansion, and dynamic performance for these types of servers, while also providing stable performance and supportable infrastructure for those functions where Dedicated Server hosting is more appropriate.

Visit our dedicated hosting information page for more information about dedicated hosting.

Interoute Managed Security Services

If you compromise on business security, you risk putting your company at risk. Interoute recognizes that network security is a complicated issue for most businesses. When it comes to security services, Interoute offers a multi-layered approach that includes:

DDoS Mitigation — Network-based DDoS mitigation, regardless of where you are on Interoute’s network.

Network Intrusion Prevention – A managed service that offers packet inspection and malware blocking to protect our customers. Next Generation Firewalls – Managed Next Generation Firewall service provided in the network with Network Intrusion Prevention – A managed service that offers packet inspection and malware blocking to protect our customers.
Content Filtering – The ability to manage and control the most persistent vectors of attack by filtering both email and web content Managed 2Factor Authentication – 2FA can be used as a complement to Roaming Access via IPsec or SSL or as a stand-alone service.
Security Consultancy – supplied by key selected partners who have been evaluated on their expertise and capabilities in serving Interoute customers.