European Crypto Exchange Coinsbit Launched In India As ‘Coinsbit India’ On April 9

Many individuals in India have been interested in cryptocurrency in the last few of years. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use blockchain technology to create them. These virtual currencies have proven to be a lucrative investment opportunity, with investors seeing unbelievably high profits. Cryptocurrencies may be purchased in a variety of ways.
However, the most common and secure way for a newcomer to begin investing in crypto is through an exchange. Coinsbit, one of the most well-known European cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently started in India with enticing incentives. Continue reading to learn more about Coinsbit and their welcome offer.

Coinsbit – New Crypto Exchange launches in India

On April 9, 2021, Coinsbit made its debut in India. Coinsbit is Europe’s largest and award-winning cryptocurrency trading platform, according to their website. The business is also offering a unique welcome deal for new subscribers, dubbed India’s Biggest Airdrop Ever. For joining up and passing the KYC procedure, new Coinsbit India members will be awarded with $200 worth of CIN Tokens.

In essence, a crypto Airdrop is a marketing tactic in which new exchanges provide free bitcoin to anyone who join up for their platforms in order to boost the number of people that sign up for their platforms. Coinsbit’s own token, the CIN, was created for their Indian exchange. The Coinsbit token has a total of 100 billion coins in circulation, with each token valued at $0.10. Coinsbit has an official website – – where you can learn more about them.

WazirX, Zebpay, and Coinswitch are just a few of the many crypto exchanges in India, so it’ll be fascinating to watch how Coinsbit do against the competition. Many analysts believe Coinsbit will permanently upset the Indian crypto sector since they have the support of Coinsbit Europe. As the general population gets more aware of the benefits and advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency has been rapidly rising in India.

People should invest in cryptocurrencies using exchanges like Coinsbit or WazirX, which provide a platform for customers to trade their cash for cryptocurrencies. Simply download one of the reputable crypto exchange applications, complete the registration and KYC formalities, and you can begin purchasing cryptocurrency. However, novice users are strongly urged to conduct extensive study before jumping on the crypto bandwagon, since poorly planned investments can result in significant losses. Stay tuned for more information on new cryptocurrency exchanges and exchanges in India.

Customers of the Coinsbit India wallet will get billions of CIN tokens as part of the world’s largest airdrop campaign, with the goal of promoting the platform and usage of these tokens.
What is the best way to earn free CIN tokens?
After completing their KYC, all users who sign up on the website will get $200 worth of CIN tokens in their wallet. On the website, there are detailed directions and stages.

The Coinsbit India platform will also host India’s Biggest Referral Program, which will provide additional possibilities for users to earn tokens based on referral bonuses when they suggest their friends based on the 5-level reward scheme with No Caps:
1st level – CIN tokens worth $100
2nd level – CIN tokens worth $50
3rd level – CIN tokens worth $25
4th level – CIN tokens worth $10
$5 in CIN tokens for the fifth level.

Other rewards

Sign-ups, referrals, trading competitions, social media challenges, and staking will be the only ways to get your hands on CIN Token. The most engaged users with the largest referral base will receive massive incentives. Again, there will be five rewards, as follows:
First prize is $5000.
$3,000 for 2nd place.
$1000 for 3rd place.
$500 for 4th place.
– $300 for 5th place

Users will get staking incentives depending on their CIN holdings and trading volume, as well as a 25% reduction on trading costs if they pay in CIN. Additional cashback in CIN tokens will be computed and credited to their wallet in CIN tokens based on VIP levels on trading fees.