The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Why should your organization be considering a Microsoft Office 365 Backup? As a highly functional and robust Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform, Microsoft Office 365 blends the practical aspects of an enterprise level solution with the ease of use of the home user. Office 365 offers application availability and near-ubiquity for all your users, but a Microsoft Office 365 Backup can protect you from many other potential threats as well. Here are the top six reasons to have a Microsoft Office 365 Backup:

Office 365 delivers on-demand, real time access to a range of data. When you use a Microsoft Office 365 Backup, you get real-time data recovery from any number of sources including e-mail servers, desktop data and even mobile devices like tablets and phones. By allowing your employees to easily log into their files and data stores, you give them a chance to take care of their documents at a more personal level while also taking care of business. This is important if you want to ensure that you are always able to service and handle any issues that may come up, especially as your business grows and the volume of data increases. A Microsoft Office 365 Backup ensures that your office 365 system can always run smoothly.

On-demand uploads allow Office 365 users to easily make changes or fixes to documents and files. An Office 365 Backup has the ability to store data on the cloud, so you don’t even have to worry about making copies or storing data in your on-site infrastructure. With the Office 365 community version, you can choose which versions of documents you want to have backed up and how often, while still having the option to restore documents to a previous point in time. A data store backed up in the Office 365 Backup can be accessed from any device, including your mobile phone or tablets.

One of the biggest advantages of an Office 365 Backup is that it helps your business. With a data store backed up on the cloud, there’s no need to store all documents on your on-site intranet. You can access your documents from any computer with an internet connection. Also, there’s no need to constantly update your documents or schedule storage time. All documents are stored in the cloud, ready to be used whenever you need them. And when you need to access them, you simply login to the Office 365 Backup application, select the versions of the documents you want backed up, and the process is done.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Microsoft Office 365 Data Recovery solution. The primary benefit is cost savings. Cloud storage solutions are more expensive than data storage solutions that are stored in the office. However, the cost savings you achieve for data loss prevention make this an attractive option for many businesses.

Another benefit is data security. Microsoft Office 365 Backup can be configured to automatically save all new files and email attachments in password protected folders, so that only people you designate as being online have access to your files and emails. This ensures that your confidential information is protected from unauthorized use. Also, while you’re migrating mailbox data between different devices, Office 365 Backup can automatically remove old versions of documents that are no longer in use, and it can help recover documents that may have become corrupt during the move.

If you’re a business with a large number of employees, or who moves frequently, an Office 365 Backup can be used to save documents that are usually copied across multiple devices. You can also use the service to back up Outlook and Word documents. By setting up a schedule, you can have the backup run on a regular basis, so that you can always make sure the devices are backed up. Another benefit of Office 365 Backup is its ability to back up not only mailboxes, but also the content of the mailboxes. This ensures that even if your company’s network is compromised, your mailboxes and other content is safe.

The backup job runs on its own scheduled schedule, which means that you don’t have to remember, or even be concerned about, when the job will run. When the scheduled time comes, simply log into your Office 365 account and check the state of your repositories. It’s as easy as that! With automatic updates, versioning, and migration features, you can ensure that any changes you make to your repository are automatically applied. This gives your organization peace of mind and real time access to your information.

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