YouTube Vanced APK Download v15.05.54 For Android

The YouTube Vanced application is by far the best app for watching YouTube videos without ads.

It has also night mode feature that allows you to enjoy the black YouTube version from your Android phone.

You can also listen to any video song in the background without any buffering. Normally you will not find this feature in the original version.

If YouTube authority ever brings this feature to their app, then only you can enjoy this feature.

Otherwise, you will have to use YouTube Vanced app until then.

NameYouTube Vanced
Size33.4 MB
DeveloperTeam Vanced
RequirementAndroid 4.1 +
Updated On10 June 2020

It has 2 versions. One is for root devices and one is for non-root phones. I use the non-root version.

Main Features

All the features are the same in Micro and Vanced versions. Even then I have added a few new features here.

There was a request to read the features before downloading.

  • Enable dark mode
  • Block ads from YouTube
  • Download videos for watching later
  • Play videos in background mode
  • 2 themes available

There is no chance to get ban from YouTube if you use this modified application on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many people have many questions about this app. I have decided to answer a few questions fluently. If you have any questions about it, read the answers below.

Q: Is YouTube Vanced legal?

— This unofficial application is totally legal and safe for use on your phone.

Q: How to block ads from YouTube?

— The ad-block script has been used in this app while developing. So you don’t see any kind of advertisement while watching videos.

And you don’t have to block any ads or use any ad blocker app.

Q: Is MicroG legal?

— MicroG app is another version of Vanced. And it’s also legal and safe under your country laws.

More questions and valuable answers will be added in the near future.


It’s really annoying to see ads inside videos while watching videos online. And this YouTube Vanced application is made to cut this annoying.

Hope you have already downloaded it. So keep enjoying YouTube videos without ads and in the night mode version.

Don’t forget to comment here if the download link is broken.